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Don’t Dunk the Cake!

I have noticed some changes in cakes and cake substitutes over the years. I remember when #Wedding #Cakes were a must do in wedding planning.   But the styles change a bit.    Roses and roses and more roses were around for years.

A few years ago the #shell motif became very fashionable.   Then #wedding #cupcakes were the way to go to give your guests a simple dessert.  For our #Destination #Weddings on the beach these certainly made serving simpler.

Shortly after that the #cakepop was in. AMOUR AFFAIRS never had many requests for these but they are cute.  Last year I saw softer decor in cake requests, more frilly and softer.   And of course the #naked #cake also became popular.

So just for the record brides and grooms… the #Bahamas is on the ball and we are doing the trends with class and professionalism.


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