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Just The Two of Us – Let’s Just Get Married!!!

2010 has certainly been a year with a marked difference.  I have had Amour Affairs for 7 yrs now and this year has brought several changes to my wedding business.  There are 3 main changes that I have noted: I am seeing an increase in cancellations, an increase in the number of couple only ceremonies, and a definite increase in last minute bookings. Symptons of the economy?!   Maybe the three are related in some way.  Maybe couples are also aware of increased cancellations because of friends – or because of economic times they are under one or more of the many different pressures of society now that ultimately result in a change of plans, and are therefore delaying their decision to take that final step. And this delayed decision could be resulting in a last minute decision to tie the knot.    While a cancellation is always disappointing the new apparent trend to book later and to book smaller is not so bad. Personally I welcome the couples who contact me 2 weeks out and say we are coming to the Bahamas and we want to have our destination wedding with Bahamas Wedding Planners.   Each month this year I have had at least one couple that has contacted me just prior to arrival.  This month, I have had 3 such cases and we are just half way through the month.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this is the way to go.  For the wrong bride it would be much too stressful. But for a couple whose focus is simply wanting to share that moment of love together – it can be very rewarding.  As a coordinator, I love the intimacy that is usually shared between the very small intimate groups. These groups are usually simpler to plan, and have fewer changes.  Any couples wanting to plan in a short period of time, Bahamas Wedding and Event Planners are here for you to make that simple just the two of you wedding still very special, wonderful and memorable.

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