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Lights, Cameras, PICTURES!

There is no doubt that photography and pictures are one of the most important parts of the planning process -particularly for a bride and groom. They say a picture paints a thousand words, and they capture a moment in time forever.  It is certainly my experience with AMOUR AFFAIRS with wedding couples that one of the places where they are most willing to spend their resources is for a great photographer.

 It is unfortunate that in many instances it is thought this means that someone must be hired from the resident country to provide this service.  The Bahamas has many talented and professional photographers.   There are some definite pluses to having a local photographer cover your special Bahamas Event.  Our photographers know our locations because they shoot at them repeatedly.  Bahamian photographers know the timing and intensity of the sun and the effect on the pictures.  Bahamian photographers know the difference of the sun at particular times at the different locations.  The sun light and sunset on the beach on Paradise Island at 6:30 is very different then on Love Beach.   Our photographers work with the various facets of sand and water reflection on a regular basis. 

A key issue that is unfortunately over looked and ignored is that any photographer traveling in to shoot a function should have a Bahamian work permit.   While many photographers do photographunder the guise of being a friend on a trip, the fact still remains that the legal requirement is a work permit.  It would be very sad to have any event have a negative legal matter overshadow the happiness of the time because it is a rare time that officials decide to enforce the law.    I believe in the ability of my fellow providers and they can add true Bahamian light to your pictures.  Let’s do it Bahamian!

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