bahamas beach wedding

Nature’s Elements!

Decorating any area for a function can be a big concern for a bride or function coordinator.  I have found there are some simple but important elements to take into consideration. As always, sometimes we don’t want to think about practicalities, but…. nor do you want to waste your efforts.

The most sort after location for functions for destination groups in the Bahamas are the outdoors – that’s why people come here right! Amour Affairs  recommends that you take into consideration that with the outdoors in the Bahamas you should consider wind, rain and mosquitoes

When you are in the wonderful open air taking full advantage of the glorious setting created by the sand, beach and sea, you have no shelter from the affects of our natural elements.  So with wind – candles may not light, yet alone stay lit!. Tall centerpieces are a great way to create changing decor when they tip over one way or another at various times. And sand can become a new ingredient to food or way to share the feeling of the rice toss with your loved one.

Today there are many new ways to incorporate led lights to overcome the effect wind on candles -maybe not quite the same romantic feel but practical and beautiful if done properly. Be sensible about the height of centers – or pay attention to how it is weighted. And tents with sides only where needed to block the wind can help you stay outdoors in a more enjoyable way.

Prepare for mosquitoes – they are more apparent at some times of the year – anas are sand flies. But Bahamas Event Planners find a little repellent or appropriate candles allow guests to enjoy the evening rather than be enjoyed!

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