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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Planning an outdoor wedding, party or any kind of event often creates anxiety.  I have however found that one of the last things that people and couples really want to plan for when they plan their function here in the Bahamas – is for inclement weather.  It is after all supposed to be Paradise!

Yes – it does rain in the Bahamas too!  And while the overall time of year can guide you, the natural elements in the area in the few days of your your event, should be paid attention too.

AMOUR AFFAIRS encourages properties that have an indoor back up – and the consideration of tents where they don’t.  Because a wedding is a once in a life time event – at least it is planned to be- for a bride in particular, a destination wedding to the Bahamas normally means she wants to be on the beach, and so on the beach she is going to be. Bahamas Wedding Planners  really tries to help the bride to live her dream!  That means we own lots of umbrellas!!! Sometimes my vendors laugh at me when I arrive with my golf club carrier of umbrellas – but we like to be prepared.

April Showers bring May flowers is an old cliche! Well it is in May that I find we have passing showers. I remember Sabrina and Tim, the young couple who were the first ones I booked with my new company 7 yrs ago getting married in May. It was a small group and Tim looked at me with gray clouds hanging over and said – “You did say it would pass right?” Thank goodness it did and we still laugh about it together.

But let’s be sensible! There are times when there are obviously systems in the area – like now! When the predicted rain is 50-60%. It is not the time to hope for passing rain.  It is time to be prepared with a back up – and have it discussed with your group so that implementation can be executed without alot more added stress rather than your reputation later.

We can’t control the rain Gods – although our clients would like us too and we realize that our business would have an unbeatable advantage if we could! As a planner, be prepared and don’t take an unnecessary chance with your clients function and special time.  Be honest, and caring at the same time. 

Rain coats are not very often seen in the Bahamas! I like still be able to get around in the rain so a simple rain coat has been a staple in my closet for all of my adult life. At this time of rain, there is one in my car, one in my house and one in my work kit.  After all – a wonderful memory inspite of some liquid sunshine, will hopefully bring back your clients on another day.

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