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Wedding Cakes


Wedding Cakes –   Our couples often share a piece of wedding cake and it is a moment in our many weddings with AMOUR AFFAIRS that guests look forward to and cameras are ready to capture.   The sharing of wedding cake is symbolic of the couples willingness to share their life and home together.

There are so many styles for cakes these days.  It is often an area where I find my bride knows exactly what she wants her cake to look like – or it just does not matter at all.

Cakes can be designed to keep the theme of the wedding – if there is one – such as shells, or roses.  Or,  a wedding cake may be designed after the bride’s dress.  These can be especially detailed and elegant.

But Bahamas Wedding Planners has found that many couples are looking for an alternative to a traditional wedding cake.   Some of the new trends are beautiful cupcakes – no mess to serve, and can be beautifully displayed.   Cupcake shooters or cookies can be alternatives or can be a part of wonderful dessert bars.   In December we did a simple dessert bar with cupcakes, various flavored shooters that were a big hit, and individual pies and creams that were enjoyed by all. 

Often times the cake is a detail important to the bride  — but grooms cakes are also a nice touch for him to be the center of attention.  It is usually something that represents the groom.  We have had sail boats, gator cakes and others for those grooms whose bride said I want him to know I was thinking about him during the planning.

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