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Amazing Couple!!!

Christina and Peter

March 6 & 7 2020


Christina Doherty and Peter Johnson were an ‘ideal couple’,  if there is such a thing.   They were not only amazing together, they were amazing with all of us.

Christina and her beautiful mother Susan knew what they were wanted for the look and feel of the wedding day celebrations to be held in idealic Lyford Cay, Nassau, Bahamas.   As members, Lyford was like a second home to the Doherty’s and a perfect place for this wedding celebration.  Having a bride who has a clear vision makes my job easier.

In the fall of 2019, I was invited to assist Mrs. Doherty in making this fabulous event come from planning paper to life.  Our dream team got to work together again.  Araxie Avron at Wildflowers did her usual magic with decor elements.  Philipe and Ashli Munnings at Lyford handled the food and beverage and locations in their usual masterful way.   Christina choose Visage to provide her reception music. I had my usual role to bring the teams and picture together.

This was my last big wedding before Covid 19 closed down The Club at Lyford and the island.   But it was one of my best.   Christina’s only worry that day was the timing of the flow of things because there were some elements that she wanted just right.     Thanks to this great team….. we nailed it. All my vendors were in place and ready and the timing went off pretty close to perfect. My thanks to them all.

It was a very windy day so we had to make adjustments on some of the decor and securing of name place cards etc.   And the rain threatened to bless their ceremony…. but didn’t.   As one of the guests said to me later, ‘When do you have 5 music groups in one wedding!’   The St Francis Choir put Christina’s heart at peace in her nearby room with her wedding party as they sang for the guests arrival and the ceremony.   Right on time, she came down the aisle and celebrated their love on the lawn in a unique and personal ceremony witnessed by almost 200 friends and family and captured by Cameron Clark @cameronclarkphoto.

The choir sang ‘Oh Happy Day’ as they exited to be met by 2 drummers from The Royal Bahamas Police Band who led the group to the front lawn to witness our band in action before they led the almost 200 group to their reception location

The reception had another real Bahamian touch with great steel pan music before a Junkanoo Group led the group to the dance floor to the sound of Visage who kept the group on the dance floor like I have not seen at a wedding before.

The final handoff was to DJ Kirk who kept them on the floor into the morning.   I hope they enjoyed it as much as this fully Bahamian entertainment and coordinating team did!!

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