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Marian and Sabine



On November 28th, I received an email from Marian sharing his desire to marry his then girlfriend in mid January.

Within the next 24 hours Marian had set the pace. We had already exchanged several emails and these each was quite lengthy and very detailed.   I quickly learned Marian had good reason. Marian was going to be traveling from Germany and wanted to be very sure that he had all the answers about the legal requirements before and after AND the wedding proposal and ceremony were both going to be a surprise.





It took us about a month to get the plans in place. Of course it all hinged on the premise that Sabine would say yes.

Sabine and Marian traveled from Germany to Nassau via the United States and it was there that he popped the question…. and she said yes. But he kept the rest til they arrived in Nassau the weekend before their wedding Monday. On Monday morning Sabine learnt that instead of going to the beach as she expected, they were not only going to do the legal paper work but they were also getting married that afternoon.


After submitting their paper work we proceeded to down town Nassau to look for a dress for the wedding. Marian’s Mother and Father were with them. They had been cruising through the islands of the Bahamas and had come to Nassau to meet their son and daughter in law.   Mr. Jung shared with me that he had been waiting for this day for 18 years. Yes they knew one another since high school.


Sabine had chose a blue chiffon dress. We had arranged for a hair and make up artist for Sabine and before we knew it their limousine had arrived to bring them to the beach. That evening the beach was deserted. There was no need for any special set up for this couple. Their happiness was overflowing. A small wedding cake topped with a few strawberries and a bottle of champagne and lots of love.


It was a simple wedding. Two people who loved one another witnessed by two parents who loved them both.   We were able to Skype Sabine’s parents in just as they shared their vows.


It was the most perfect way for the Minister and I to start our year of weddings.   A marriage where the love between all was seen and felt and even drew us in.


Sabine and Marian honeymooned on his parents yacht for the next week, traveling through the beautiful waters and islands.


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