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Every time we do a wedding, #BahamasWeddingPlanner is asked….. where do I stand?

This question comes from many members of the bridal party but almost always is a question for the bride.   I try to relate my directions in ways that they will not only remember on the #weddingday, but also after.

So our answer for this question is…. The #fathergiver, #groom, or #groomsman; the male escort stand to the right.   The female stands on the side closest to the man’s heart. Of course this is always met with oh’s and ah’s and I smile.   This is not true if it is a Jewish ceremony.

The ancient reason for this is very different and less loving. Because the groom may have captured his bride, he and his best man placed the woman on his left arm to keep his right arm free to use his sword in the event there was an attack to get her back.

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