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The Unexpected Guest – Hurricane Sandy

I don’t think it happens often in the career of a Destination Wedding planner that you have to plan the same wedding twice – and that it is a real pleasure to do so.  I had this good fortune. In the Fall of 2011 I met Lisa and Matt.  Immediately the personality traits were evident.  Matt listened and if he liked what he heard it was a done deal.  Quiet and patient Lisa would then mention that they would talk about it and make a decision.   I smile and even shed a tear as I reflect on this wonderful couple who along with their families have become my friends and family.

I don’t know if it was Matt’s impetuous nature or the natural connection that was evident from the start, but he hired me on our first meeting. In May of 2012 Lisa came down for a weekend visit with Mr. Seymour -her Dad and it was the best planning and meeting of vendors session that I have had.  Mr. Seymour was so happy to be in the Bahamas.  He really had to see what his daughter was getting into – but in no time I think he understood why Lisa and Matt loved the Bahamas.

The wedding was set for November 10 and all details were in place.  102 guests were expected, most of them coming from New York. But we had an unexpected guest:  Hurricane Sandy.

Sandy passed over the Bahamas and headed to New York.  When I finally heard from Lisa they were okay, having vacated their apartment – wedding dress in tow- at the last minute.  They were living with her parents, power was out all over the place, Matt (a pediatrician) was out on the streets helping people, but they were still coming. Their reservations had been changed and all was a go.

I know Lisa was heartbroken Wednesday night when she realized that the airports were backed up and they and most of their guests could not make it. The amazing thing, not once did I hear Lisa or Matt feel sorry for themselves or loose any of their warmth and concern for others around them.

On May 11th, 2013 Lisa and Matt and 100 guests came to Nassau and celebrated just as we had planned before Sandy.   Our vendors were wonderful and honored their contracts and as a team, we delivered on our promises to Lisa and Matt.  They are undoubtedly the calmest couple admist the turmoil of Hurricane Sandy. Ben Jamieson Photography

Thank you for your continued friendship Lisa and Matt.  Until we meet again.

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