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Let Bahamas Wedding Planner…. Plan

This is Your day!

Pull up your chair, let’s chat! I want to hear your thoughts and dreams for this day you have been looking forward to…maybe since you were a little girl.

Let’s Dream, together!

Let’s get together to create the plan to bring your dream to reality!

Let’s Plan, together!

bahamas wedding planner

Let me guide you along this exciting journey and help you both experience the most memorable wedding day!

Let’s Celebrate!

Your day, your weekend, your new beginning will be a time of celebrating your love!

Have you been dreaming about a destination wedding? And now you have decided to celebrate your union with a Bahamas Wedding! Great decision.


You are unique and that means your day will be unique too. It’s all about the 2 of you.
In a world where people are more disconnected, I want to connect with you, listen to your thoughts and be your guide. You can relax, knowing that I am on your side and on top of the details and needs of your day.

Wedding Locations

Nassau is ‘my island in the sun’ but the islands of my backyard are my joy and I will travel to any of our islands to be there for you.

The Bahamas is made up of over 700 islands and cays. Fast forward to your speed boat taking you to a private island or sand bar. Can you hear Exuma calling?

image (2)
Stocking Island, Exuma
image (5)
Or maybe Harbor Island, in Eleuthera
image (4)
I will help you to find the location for you.
Grand Hyatt, Baha Mar
We are more than just our beautiful beaches. Share your vows in one of our historic locations like the Queeen’s Staircase or Fort Charlotte


Love is a beautiful emotion and I will work with our designers to make give you that incredible back drop for you to walk (or sail) into and feel the magic of the moments filled with beauty and that love.


I believe in service with a smile. I believe in our qualified local vendors, some who have been growing over the last 20 years like me and some great new young providers who have developed amazing talents and have my philosophy towards service.

I love bringing a real Bahamian touch and tradition to our destination weddings. It will be such a treat for you guests.

Time Lines

I have heard from my clients that my co-working vendors, my team say I run a tight ship. Maybe… (smile), but I am here to keep everything on time and to make sure that things flow well.

Your focus may be on the beautiful setting we will create, but the flow of your event is mandatory to create the perfect day for your guests.

The Details

Along with the flow of your celebration, the small details are so important and I will be paying to attention to them.
So we have planned
Planning Options

The Executioner – Month of Coordination Services

I know you kind find all sorts of information on the internet and so you think you can do. But when you have finished with those plan, let me Execute those plans for you

Some would call this day of service, but it requires a little bit more than being involved that day.

The hybrid

If you feel you want to do all the communications and planning but may want some guidance along the way, I am happy to give you that.

Full Service

Just let me take the stress. Some would call this day of service, but it requires a little bit more than being involved that day.
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