Brian & Martha

Wow where do I start, as a little girl I have always dreamed of a wedding on the beach, and when I meet the man of my dreams he was willing to go with what ever made me happy.  When we got engaged the madness began, we hunted for a wedding coordinator that would best fit us,  we checked references on a ton of Coordinators in the Bahamas, and we found our Angel Paulette, she was very busy when we 1st contacted her, but she took the time to answer all of my tons of questions.  As the time went on we knew what we wanted and she knew what we needed, and a great wedding Coordinator, lets you know that your needs out way your wants.  The Hubby and I went to the Bahamas in January about 2 months before the wedding to meet with Paulette and to see where we were getting married, and we knew right then she was a God sent for us, she made us feel like she knew us forever, and she welcomed us to her country and actually cared about our time we spent in the Bahamas, we also got to meet our Reverend Brother Miller who was also awesome, all of our guest still rave about Bro. Miller how he made the ceremony special for us.  During the last two weeks of our wedding we had a rough time and, not having a wedding was not an option, Paulette listened to me cry and she helped us make it the Best Wedding in the world…. If I had to do it all over again I would choose Amour Affairs to handle our wedding needs.