You\’d taken our happiness with the day quite personally

Dear Paulette… I\’m sure Siobhan will pass along her own thoughts, but while i have a few minutes i\’d like to tell you how much i appreciate your extraordinary efforts… and to acknowledge that those efforts made possible a week that was genuinely memorable for all of our family and friends. since the two of us travel so much the week would have been unthinkable without you; but, beyond the usual and expected solutions you provided, the obvious investment of your personal time and caring was apparent and was the essential component, frankly, that elevated a quite common event into something uncommonly intimate and unfettered by worry. I saw you standing at the back of the room, at the Graycliffe, and knew without question that you\’d taken our happiness with the day quite personally; it wasn\’t just business. and i thank you for that…and your own enthusiasm for the day must have been contagious because Ordell and his DJ overextended themselves… they were into it…as though our golden moments should never end.

You should know as well that you introduced a whole roomful of people… some of whom had been to the Bahamas before… to a place of surprise and magic; they all vowed to return, each and every one of \’em. and to be honest Siobhan\’s brother Francis complained (good-naturedly) that the Bahamas week had so raised the bar in terms of family holidays that he fears he will struggle in the future to match it. his son Killian got to snorkel for the first time, over an actual reef by rose island that was teeming with sea life; Francis and his two boys learned how to handle and enjoy odd machines called jet-skis and kayaks. more than a half-dozen in our party went parasailing and were thrilled by it. and they all saw the sun and loved it, its warmth a match for the feelings that evolved among our party all week long.

so thanks again, from both Siobhan and me… and I trust and hope we will see you again. – fair winds, Mike & Siobhan