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A Little Caring Goes a Long Way in Wedding Planning

They say to ever cloud there is a silver lining.  Every day there are many sad stories. Stories of family struggles, devastation and murderers.  Last weekend I attended an ABC Florida training program one coordinator said she does not turn on the news because she chooses not to let the negative events of the world affect her life.

ABC has cast a silver lining around a cloud and that lining should shine brightly for us all.

In late July (20th), my daughter called me from Dallas, Texas – seeking my help- help as a wedding coordinator which was an unusual request in itself from her.  One of her class mates and his fiancé had returned home from breakfast to find their home, their belongings and much of life as they knew it on fire.  They lost almost everything, including 2 of three dogs.  This couple was planning on getting married and my daughter thought they had lost most of their wedding preparations in the fire so now she wanted me to find a way to help them to get married anyway.

My daughter’s initial thought was that we would somehow get them to the Bahamas and they would do a destination wedding here.  Although I was willing to try, I told her I would contact ABC and see if my associates could do something to help them there in Dallas – hoping that they could then have more of their friends and families with them.

I immediately sent an email to Elise Enloe, State Coordinator and ABC Director of Education who I have met on several occasions – and who I knew would point me in the right direction.  Elise sent an email to Renee Grannis, Director of Ethics and Compliance and who is the new Texas State Coordinator. Renee was on her way out of town when she received it but immediately sent out an email to Texas state members. Within hours of sending the email, I had ABC members, coordinators and vendors emailing me and calling me – offering assistance – to a couple – none of us even knew – but someone who had been directed to us and sincerely needed our help.

Last week – I was finally able to have a conversation with the bride who had been living from hotel to hotel etc and had not been easy to reach.  Happily – they had not lost everything and in fact had managed to salvage many of the wedding particulars and most items were not yet at their home. Professional cleaners had managed to renew a smokey wedding gown. Much of the couples plans were still in tact but ABC members were still willing to look for ways to help.   One of our Coordinators, Dionne Gilmore with Sharp Weddings and Events based out of Fort Worth, Texas has offered her services to provide day of services to the couple who have been and still are trying to find the way to celebrate this wonderful day in their lives as planned.

In spite of the great tragedy they encountered – this couple looks for the positive and the plan to join their lives. Besides the down turn that we all are seeing in our personal businesses, so many ABC members were willing to give of themselves and their time. Thank you all.

The bride was amazed that sooo many people stepped forward to offer her help.  My cloud has a double lining:  I was so proud that my daughter had the heart to see someone in need and ask me to find a way to help them, and I am so proud to be a part of an Association that is made up of people who have heart, and are willing to give in a world when so many people are taking and taking and taking.

Thank you Jennifer – thank you ABC.

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