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Lost City of Atlantis Creates Island Craves and Island Dreams!

hallway The Atlantis Hotel & Casino on Paradise Island in our islands of the Bahamas continues to be talked about around the world.  It is a premier vacation spot.  Having worked there for a short time – I remember the numerous families who shared with me that they saved and saved to have an opportunity to bring their families to The Atlantis.   The property plays with the mystic of the Lost City of Atlantis which some say may have sunk somewhere in our waters.  It is an amazing place -with many hidden and subtle ideas and stories in the overall decor.  Not only is it an incredible hotel, with lots of on site activity, but it is a key location for Bahamas Events. Many corporations and companies take company trips and reward trips to this remarkable site.  Groups of hundreds come and enjoy the impeccable beach that lines the northern shore.  Parties, meetings and festivities are a must do at the Atlantis.  The beauty is the mystic makes you want to come back.     Typically the Atlantis has not focused on Bahamas Destination Weddings  – corporate and group events have taken precedence. But with the turn in the economy for many companies, Bahamas Weddings have increased in value, even for the Lost City of Atlantis.          So many couples may dream of a wedding at the Atlantis but decide they can not afford the premium fees.  Amour Affairs can help  you to explore some of your options and alternatives with nearby properties so you don’t rule out staying on site.  And for corporate groups,  don’t forget there are some wonderful island jewels just a hop over the bridge in Nassau.  If you plan a Bahamas Event at the Atlantis – treat your people to a taste of Nassau.  There are many wonderful restaurants and other must see activities that can be incorporated in your activities.    So when you dream of the Islands – Dream of Nassau and Paradise Island and let Amour Affairs  help you to live your dream.

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