bahamas wedding planner

Do you need a planner?

In early November 2012 Amour Affairs experienced its value to couples.  I had a lovely couple who traveled to the Bahamas from Germany to get married and have a wonderful honeymoon in our country.   They were to get married on a great property but unfortunately upon arrival shortly after hurricane Sandy-they were not pleased with the condition or the look for their wedding.  Their first night they shared they talked about going back home and not bothering to get married in the Bahamas.

The next day we proceeded to do their legal paper work and then I took them to look at a few other sites.  By midday,  I had showed them a few possibilities, taken them to pick up breakfast and helped them to find and book a reasonable hotel room at another property.  Two days later we had their ceremony which had now changed times also in order to accommodate the best use of the beach for them.   Later that night I saw them walking hand in hand on the beach looking very happy.  I felt happy for them.

A week and a half later I saw them as they passed through from their honeymoon in beautiful Cat Island to head back to Germany. My bride hugged me and thanked me for the best day of their lives.   

Had this couple booked with a resort I realize they would not have had the options I was able to give them nor would they have had the personal service to make sure that an appropriate alternative was found.   I felt good and was very happy that I could really make a difference for them at this special time.  Bahamas Wedding Planner and Amour Affairs about our couples experience.  I think they were happy they had a planner – and one who cared.



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