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GOOD LUCK 2012!!! The little things count and bring tradition.

I have received many “good wishes” as 2012 has arrived. I am grateful for so much.  

Amour Affairs has seen many brides that still try to incorporate some of the Victorian good luck verse that asked for several small items for good luck.  Something old – hopefully from a happily married woman –  something new which was to represent the bright new future ahead – something borrowed (which was supposed to be returned) was usually something from the bride’s family to bring prosperity to the new union- and something blue which represented fidelity.  

It is my experience as a wedding coordinator that there is usually some desire to include small aspects of tradition – even though a destination wedding itself is a break from tradition.   The most common is the blue garter as something blue.  Even the tradition for the groom not to see the bride before the wedding is dwindling.  There are many times when I arrive at  the resort to make preparations and the bride and groom are relaxing by the pool with family and friends and having a great time together. Of course this is exactly what I want  because it means they have trusted me to make sure all goes according to plan and they have no worries.   It is also becoming more common for couples to want to do most of their pictures before the ceremony because they want to be able to join into the cocktails with their guests sooner. 

Let’s begin 2012 in the correct spirt and don’t leave it to chance or luck.  Just as we have received so many well wishes – we want to start 2012 with wishing all of our couples, our trusted vendors and our  friends –  the best of life in 2012 and years to come.


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