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It pays to plan but.. sometimes you need to Plan to Pay!

Is the Christmas holiday time a good time to have your wedding?  As in everything there are definitely pros and cons.  Let’s look at the pro first and then its flip side.  When it is a holiday time, it is hoped that it is easier for friends and families to attend a destination wedding because they don’t have to get time – or as much time off from work – or the kids from school.  Con: maybe they really want or need to do something else with that vacation time. Pro: There are lots of beautiful decorations up for Christmas so you don’t have to spend as much decorating. Con: if you like Christmas decor as your backdrop and it the location actually does a good job with their decorating.  In November Amour Affairs had a wedding on Thanksgiving Day (another questionable day).  The reception location does a wonderful job with their Christmas decor and had started with plans to have it completed by Thanskgiving.  My couple asked them to leave the area they were holding their reception in without the decor. 

What about vendors and availability? Well if you want an event over the holiday, please reserve for your event and plan for it early. Even event planners and service providers would like to have a life.  Typically in the Bahamas, despite people coming to us for our warmer weather,  I have not found Xmas to be a busy wedding time – although I typically will have at least one couple who wants to get married during the Xmas and New Year’s time.   Because it is not busy,  I personally look forward to a little down time and usually a little travel.  So without forward planning,  couples will find that some providers they may want are not available, or it means that providers could have the inconvenience of having to adjust schedules and plans.  Finally one of the biggest factors to consider if you are considering a Xmas or New Year even with Bahamas Event Planners or any other company  – cost.   Because it is holiday time,  some services and many venues and locations are at an increased and even premium rate. Understandable????  Not for everyone but believe me, while it pays to plan -at Xmas and New Year’s you can plan to pay.

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