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Spirits Anyone??


 So the holidays have just finished and most of us have enjoyed spirits of the liquid kind.   This should have put you in good spirits for the start of 2013. 

Did you know that other than the bar of drinks for your guests – spirits played another role in wedding planning?

The idea to have and to color coordinate bridal attendants dresses is said to have developed in an attempt to confuse spirits. 

And while the veil today often adds a look of softness and possibly modesty – it was also part of the tradition to confuse the spirits and ward off evil spirits.

Even the idea of carrying the bride over the threshold is related to thoughts of the spirits – the groom is protecting his new bride by lifting her over.

Superstitions were important in earlier times.  Today they are often chuckled at – but some of them are worthy of a second thought.  In 2013 – Amour Affairs wishes all our couples nothing but good spirits, happy lives and good fortune.  And we are happy to help you with the spirits you may share with your guests when you come to the Bahamas

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