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To Love and Be Loved – Happy Valentine’s Day

I think that working in a profession that is based on the premise of LOVE is wonderful and for me a blessing.  I sometimes laugh at myself when I find myself shedding tears at wedding ceremonies-but some couples and ceremonies evoke those heartfelt feelings.   

AMOUR AFFAIRS wishes all of its couples, past and present a Happy Valentine’s Day.  Today is a day to share and show your love.  

Do you know where this tradition started?   There are of course many different stories behind this wonderful day but here is the heart  of just one of these ideas.  This one stems from the Catholic and Protestant Church. Both seem to agree  the a Bishop by the name of Saint Valentine held secret marriage ceremonies for soldiers when the Emperor Claudius II had decided they were not allowed because marriage made the soldiers weaker because of attachment and concern for wives and families.

Bishop Valentine did not support the Emperor’s position and married young lovers in secrecy and would not deny his religion when asked to convert.  His secret was soon discovered and he was imprisoned and eventually sentenced to death. In jail he met and some say fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and left her a note signed ‘From Your Valentine’ before his execution. 

Some say that Valentine was executed on Feb 14th, 270 AD because he refused to deny his religion – a sign of true Christian love.  Today we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day – in many ways – he died for love. Celebrate – he wanted love and marriage to live!!!

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