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To the Left, To the Left

As many weddings as brides and other people may have been to, it is common that people do not know which side the bride should walk in on and where the girls should stand.  Maybe Beyonce can help with this too!  In my years with AMOUR AFFAIRS I have noted that it is most natural for a bride to stand on the right side and arm of her father or escort.  The correct side in most cases is the left. One exception is a Jewish wedding where the bride stands on the right side when she gets to the ceremony area.

So why the left? The age old reason is said to be because it allowed the groom’s right arm to be free to reach for his sword should he need to defend her. Of course in those days there were concerns about the ceremony being completed without interference.  I often remind my bride and escort by the placement of the heart- the bride should always be on the side closest to her groom’s heart – THE LEFT.

Although I personally think that it is more appropriate for the bride to stand to the right side when she is actually getting married, it is again THE LEFT.  My reason is because her family and friends sit to the left.  The person they want to see is her. But her back is to them standing the left. If she stood at the right – she could look at her family and they could see her without her turning her head – and of course the same is true for the groom. Maybe in 2011  I will once again be a rebel and present this simple but novel idea to my couples.

Of course for all events this idea holds true and Bahamas Events  do respect them. When seated at a table, the bride, wife, female is placed to the left. Hum really does not give much thought to the left handed man does it?

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