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Wake Up about Make Up

As a wedding consultant I have found that while a bride my trust me with most services – personal services such as hair and make up – are too personal.  At Amour Affairs we have a team of very professional hair and make up artist who have traveled the world and worked with movie stars.  But this brings little comfort to a bride who wants to look perfect on her wedding day.   I am so proud of my team.  In my 8 yrs of business I have only had one bride who was not only satisfied.  I have had many who wanted to take the ladies home with them to do their hair and make up for their party at home.


But here are some basic tips MAKE UP tips to be remembered regardless of who is doing your personal beautification:

When possible – do a trial run so that you can put your fears to rest.

Wear a button shirt or something that does not have to go over your head during your session.

Make sure to have a place with good natural light so that make up done inside is what you want it to look like outside as well -most destination weddings are outside.

Wear a lasting and good quality lipstick to minimize touchups.  And keep it nearby.

Wear waterproof mascara – just in case you shed a few tears.

Amour Affairs’ and Bahamas Wedding and Event Planners are nearby on your big day to help with any issues.

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