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Bare and Naked Wedding Cakes

The all famous wedding cake has finally found itself in the world of diversification like so many other things today. Over the last few years the ‘in cake thing’ has changed just like colors and styles.

Do you remember when cakes with the tiers separated with pretty white posts was THE wedding cake to have?   A few years ago the shell motif cakes became more popular. That was great for us with destination weddings with beach locations and the whole beach and shell motif went to the deep end. A few years ago cupcakes became the fad. They were beautiful in beautiful decorated cups and holders – displayed in interesting ways.  Then we had cake pops and candy bars.


Today one of the new ideas is the Bare or Naked cake. I think they are beautiful. These cakes are not iced on the outside. They usually have icing or fruit between the multiple tiers but are elegant in what seems like simplistic ways.

These cakes may still be decorated on top with flowers or sometimes fruit which is often used between the layers.   They still allow for different flavors and the different colors of the tiers create a look of their own.

This beautiful naked cake was the first on requested from Bahamas Wedding Planner in April of this year and we loved it. It was beautiful and a hit. The roses added a simple touch to the beautiful display of fruit that accented the layers. Each layer was a different flavor including one being rum!

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