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Long and flowing is beautiful but…..

I think many brides think of their hair flowing and blowing gently in the breeze when they think of their beach or waterfront #destinationwedding.  The reality is that flowing hair style can become a nightmare for your wonderful wedding pictures.

So when you think outdoor wedding and beach front…. also think sensible.  A beautiful pin up or a pulled back hair do will make one less thing for you to worry about on your wedding day. Beautiful hair bands are available in many places including Bel Aire Bridal.




I have had 2 weddings in the past 30 days where the #bride had a trailing #veil.   This long and flowing element is absolutely beautiful.   It is a simple touch that added a romantic feel to almost any #wedding dress.   But…. one of these weddings was on the beach and on a slightly windy day.   No question she was not only exquisite because she was beautiful, but she her long veil was equally as beautiful.   However during the ceremony we did have to tuck and hold the veil.


For those brides who want the long veil –or any veil for that matter at your destination #beachwedding, you may want to consider #veilweights.   These serve as a little weight on the tail of the veil and come in beautiful . #BahamasWeddingPlanner encourages these beautiful weights as part of a planners kit.


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