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Dream On

The wedding day and events leading up to it are considered some of the most important days in the life of a woman. It is said to be the day that she dreams about.  Now the guests, family and friends can help the couple to extend the dream by contributing to a wonderful Honeymoon – with the Honeymoon Gift Registry.  Today, many couples pay for most or all of their wedding cost.  With Destination Weddings – the couple often helps family and friends and with covering cost to be present.  And today – couples wanting that dream wedding face the economic challenges of the times. Bahamas Wedding Planner and Amour Affairs is here to help the dream live on a little longer.

Honeymoon Gift Registers are a wonderful way to contribute to a couple’s dream wedding celebration.   Now it is easy for couples to invite friends and family to donate to this most important wedding expenditure.  Amour Affairs believes in helping you to find ways to use and make the dollars work for you. Here is one more.  43% of couples surveyed indicated that they like the gift of Honeymoon Registers.  Amour Affairs believes that once we have helped you live your destination dream wedding you can begin live the dream that segways into your new reality as husband and wife – your dream honeymoon.

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