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Go Virual with your personal wedding website.

The virual world took over more in 2011.  For the bride  it is a source of limitless information, a record keeper of details and now it also is the place to tell  and share your story with your guests and friends with your personal wedding website.   As a destination wedding company, Amour Affairs appreciates how a wedding website can assist a couple bringing friends and family to the Bahamas for their wedding celebration. And it also shares your celebration with those dear to you who may not be able to attend.

Times have changed and people’s lives require commuting and moving around the country and the world.   It is not unusual today for a couple to meet and fall in love in another part of the world.   This often means that an Amour Affairs wedding is the first time the families actually get to meet face to face and get to know one another. .

A wedding website helps a couple to introduce their partner to family & friends.  and all the needed information about your Destination Bahamas Wedding.  It is an easy way to share with your loved ones and build the excitement of your upcoming wedding day.    Don’t be afraid – just tell your story naturally.  But remember – what you put out there will stay out there so give some thought to what and how you display your personal information and history.  It is a great tool when used properly!

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