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The Best Destination Weddings are Built on Trust!

Just like a good marriage your relationship with your wedding planner needs to be built on trust. And there are lots of reasons today for people not to trust someone they may never have meant before – especially with handling such an important day so it is not always easy to do.

Ask for referrals if you have concerns. Try to find a coordinator who is competent and has integrity – which is not always easy to determine long distance.  But when you have elected that person trust them to guide you and give you the best advise. Remember that good service and a good reputation has an added value – so sometimes it also means that the you may pay a little bit more for this person’s services.  But it should give you peace of mind – something that is priceless.

Remember you normally get what you pay for. So if you decide that you want to barter with a coordinator about her fees it is not always in your best interest.  By all means query any cost you may have but don’t price compare and then try to bargin.  The better coordinators also have more business and may choose not to do business with someone who does not value their expertise or knowledge.  Mutual respect and trust will come with communication – something you are sure to be doing a lot of.  At the end of the day – your coordinator has to have your best interest at heart.

Most coordinators are in the business because they love it – not because it is glamour or pays a lot.  It is truly hard work.  We want you to have a wonderful experience and we go out of our way to make sure that happens. But the relationship that is fostered during the planning process and the trust and mutual respect that usually develops paves the way for a wonderful day and for a coordinator to do whatever it takes to make your wedding day dreams come true.

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