Catherine & Chad

Dear Paulette   We are missing you, and missing the beautiful Bahamas already!!  We arrived back home last night, and thankfully it is warm and sunny today!  So that helps….a bit!   We truly can not thank you enough for everything you did for us.  We could not have wished for a more perfect wedding.  You are amazing.  You made everything so easy and stress free.  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!   The Minister was just lovely.  Debbie, the hairdresser was amazing.  I am famous in my family for being fussy with my hair, so I have to admit that I was slightly nervous, but Debbie was so professional, calm, and lovely………and I honestly could not have loved how she styled my hair more.  I was thrilled to bits!.  Plus, I have to tell you a funny story.

My Mum is also famously fussy about her hair, particularly with the blow dry/styling bit, and normally leaves the hairdressers with wet hair, and then dries her hair herself when she gets home.  However, Debbie persuaded my Mum to let her style her hair, and low and behold, my Mum absolutely loved it.  So Debbie is the first hairdresser ever to have dried and styled my Mum\’s hair to her liking.  Record breaking!   Susan was also lovely, and the photos are just beautiful.  We can not stop looking at them on her website, and can not wait to receive the disc.   Oh and goodness me, the cake was DELICIOUS.  Honestly, the best cake ever.  The sponge was light as a feather, and the icing and vanilla flavouring just perfect.  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.   I hope you can tell that we are just thrilled and appreciate so, so, so much all your hard work.  You are truly wonderful.   You made our special wedding day, truly special.  We could not have wished for more.   Forever thankful Catherine and Chad